Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Flowers and Glass Pendant Giveaway

The Saint of planting St. Ficare, I believe resting among the daffodils in front of the house.
These tiny read tulips came up after the snow covered them. Aren't they amazing?
I do tend to enjoy a little yard art. This is a faery garden with about a gazillon daffodil bulbs I planted in February in a circle around this garden. Maggie and I made a faery house out of stones for this garden.
This garden is between the storage house and the art house. It is where a tree rotted and we put the compost last year. It was amazing last year and just now starting to come alive with all sorts of perennials. Gotta watch the honeysuckle creeping into this garden.
The view from the deck. Sunshine after snow clouds and a week of the flu and sinsus infection.
Here's the question. This is the art house. This spring I want to paint the door and do some artful decorating. Any creative suggestions?
The T pole will be filled with a trailing vine which attracts butterflies and humming birds. The seed is very large and considered good to eat. If you guess what seed it is, you might win a glass pendant! Just email me or reply
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  1. Beautiful and so inspirational...Blessings in all that you do, Jan

  2. Oh, yes, like Jan says, AND when I look at the dear little art house, I think of Violette Clark (scroll down):

  3. I could see vines growing (in paint, that is) around the edges of that cute building. Maybe with morning glories interspersed. And the door should be in a bright color. Moon vine might be a good one for butterflies.

    Coleen in Ukraine (from TAG)

    PS, I'm following now. Hope you'll follow on mine too.