Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Red Tulip after the rain

While taking a walk around the yard, I noticed this red tulip with just a few rain drops captured on the leaf with purple veins.
The tulip is very small. The intensity of the red against all the spring green is nature's paint brush once again doing her creativity.
While the tulips are pretty, the daffodils are filling out the yard. Even the hyacinths have begun to bloom
The squirrels, though are in full vigor. Creating havoc with the large bird feeder. They have pushed up the heavy wire to enjoy feeding.
Yesterday, there were three on the porch.
Along with the squirrels, the spring birds are arriving. A red winged blackbird has arrived. Gold and purple finches are enjoying the thistle seed.
Moments in the mountains in March can mean anything from snow to whippety tucking winds to a sunny day in the sixties.
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