Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another perspective

Lately, I have been viewing the world from the perspective of the third picture. My long frame lays flat on the couch. It is over six feet long sky blue velvet. The couch was a wedding gift to my inlaws, I believe the family story goes. We received the couch when the Moores left the beach for Chapel Hill. They equitably downsized among each of their children.
I lay flat as I have injured my back. As a child, I broke my tailbone three times. As an adult, I am now feeling the effects. I got caught in a situation with a piece of furniture and I felt my back go. Those of you who have back situations understand this pain.
An ice pack, biofreeze, hot epsom salt baths and a visit to the osteopath with REST are slowly healing my back. I also add meditation and reading and when able a walk outside.
On Monday, a friend brough the iris over and we went grocery shopping. She carried the bags and brought the groceries inside. That evening another friend brought over a big pot of chicken soup. When he called wanting to do something, I remembered SARK, ask for what you need, I said can you make chicken soup? He did!
The next day another friend came over and brought peonies.
This morning I read the post on Lani Gerity's blog and thought the smell of the peonies, the taste of the soup, and the conversations with friends provides healing.
Looking at my feet, I am thankful for the many blessings amid the tension in my body and the pain. A new perspective, rest, reading, and life in the mountains.

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  1. Sending you love and light dear Carol.... BTW, very nice shoes! <3