Sunday, May 15, 2011

The First Radish

Ray pulled out the radish, setting it on the kitchen counter. I pondered this new vegetable. All I could see was a photograph. Well, okay, I could relish the radish in the salad for dinner.
At first I got out the camera. Then I got out some colored paper. The blue seemed to work the best for the radish. What happened next was two photographers taking shots of the radish. Out of all the photos, this was the one I chose to share. It was the third one I took. Amazingly, the point and shoot technique still works for me. I admit, I set it up.
The salad was wonderful. Spinach, fresh farmer's market onions, mushrooms, carrots, and sweet green peppers. The queen of the salad was the radish.
We have two peas ready. What do you do with fennel? I planted it as a butterfly plant.
Spring in the mountains, lush, green, and growing.
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