Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A storm came through the valley

A storm came through last night. It had been overcast most of the day. I could feel the tension in the humidity. Come from breaking a few bones, arthritis settling in. Then, around eight, it started to rain.
After planting and transplanting, the rain was welcomed. Soft rain changed dramatically into lighting and rumbles of thunder. It was as if the God of Thunder Thor was having a little game of throwing the lightning bolts across the valley.
Lightning and rain continued. Ray said he felt the house shake. I got up close to eleven to find the back porch light on, the stove light flashing, and the dishwasher light flashing. An eerieness settled around.
This morning I opened the door to the deck to find branches of tulip poplar decorating everything.
I was reminded of the story of the wind whippety tucking her way though the valley. Blowing with fierceness to rid the trees of all the dead wood so that the new would grow.
I picked up a flowering tulip poplar branch. The yellow orange green blossom was pretty beaten up from being tossed about.
It was then, I decided to take to camera to take a few pictures.

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