Friday, June 3, 2011


This has been a spring filled with chipmunks and squirrels. I was in the kitchen when I noticed the chipmunk in the flower pot. It was moving from one flower pot to another to make its way to the bird feeder. I noticed the camera nearby. I took this picture through the kitchen window. It is double paned, but I think you can see the chipmunk with it's tail held high. Scurrying to the feeder, I waited with the camera, but it went in the opposite direction.
We now have several generations of these critters visiting us. The mother squirrel early in the spring gave birth to some very frisky children. They toppled two squirrel proof feeders by jumping onto the pole and then three of them went at the plastic. Amazingly, they broke two while I was away at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts and Ray was visiting his parents.
We repositioned the feeders and so far, we have not had the squirrel problem.
Life in the mountains. Never know what you will see or what you will find.
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