Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday afternoon with friends

I do not post photos of myself , but this is an exception. I am recovering from eye surgery and went to a delightful art opening of Robyn Raines at the arts depot in Abingdon, Va. Robyn studied bookmaking with Daniel Essig. Then, spent time with a friend whom I have know for over thirty years. She took this photo of me sitting in her home.
She had recently designed a labyrinth for ElderSpirit in Abingdon. We walked the labyrinth. Saw her new installation, what a wonderful moving sculpture on the wall.
Driving home, the sky was filled with twilight colors. Large N.C. Wyeth clouds moving across the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Sometimes, I believe I live in a National Geographic Nature venue.
The greens and lusciousness of home is so joyful!
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  1. Very lovely Carol.... a perfect photo. I especially like the way the chair spirals around you as you are seated. Best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery.