Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

June 21, it is almost unimaginable to believe that it is summer. The rains have visited us so often the creeks and rivers are high on their banks. The cypress on the deck have enjoyed this rainy weather.

The critters are abundant this year. The moles have started to enjoy the hyacinths. Eating the bulbs and leaving the green stems. Chipmunks are trying to uproot plants. Butterflies are enjoying the flowers.
The peas have come and gone. Little green tomatoes hang on the vines. At the Asheville farmer's market, I purchased the first homegrown tomatoes of the season. It is the freshest, sweetest, juice that summer provides.
It has been a spring of growth, courage, surgery, glass classes, and transitions.
To celebrate summer solstice, I am making a faery door today.
Maggie who is spending the week with us in working on badges. The list is pretty creative. She is half way finished with cooking. The art badges include: collage, drawing, photography, visiting art studios, visiting a museum, and several others. Bugs, butterflies, faery, hiking, and exploring are also on her list.
To be eight years old, filled with wonder, and staying a week in the mountains...the best of summer!
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