Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dream Pillow with Garden Lavender

Nestled upon a sheet of handmade paper lies a dyed in the snow piece of muslin.
Thinking about lavender, dream pillows, and summer, I created this small pillow.
It is just the right size to put under your pillow or to place into your pocket.
It is filled with dried lavender from the garden with a soft cotton cloth upon the lavender covered with the snow dyed muslin fabric. I rubber stamped the image of a peaceful sleeping woman with Stazon Ink.
The red paper is the result of roses becoming dried up as altar flowers. I took the rose petals and put them into my paper bucket. About a month later, I added some shredded left over church bulletins. In went my grandson's red tissue paper from his birthday party. The result is the red rose paper you see in the picture.
The lavender is growing between the blueberry bushes. This is is the first year for many of the plants. I have a few that are dying. One plant is about five years old. It is a hearty lavender and smells heavenly.
When the local greenhouse was closing for the season, I purchased several lavender plants. One lies at the corner of the studio garden. Two are in the butterfly bottle tree garden and five are in the herb bed. The honeybees enjoy the lavender as much as I do.
Soft lavender blossoms leaving fragrance as I pass, pausing to feel the plant. Lavender left on my hands while I walk the gardens.
The summer is so beautiful here in the mountains.

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