Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mood Beads for 2011 with garnets

I recently created this garnet necklace with a rose gold finding. The beads you see in the picture are Mirage Beads. They are the most fashionable mood beads I have ever seen.
I found these beads at Chevron Bead store in Asheville.
I pondered a bit before I created this necklace. I had made one with hematite using sterling silver findings. I showed it to one person just to say look what I just made. She bought it. The same thing happened with a pair of garnet earrings I had made.
This necklace I have as of yet not priced, but I wore it today. Just wanting to test the waters.
For me the joy is in the creating. BUT... if you do not sell your art, then you do not have the money to buy new gemstones and beads.
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