Friday, August 12, 2011

Bigger than life

A week at the beach, I enjoyed long early morning walks on the ocean sands right as the sun was rising. Talk about bigger than life, here I am shadow and all! We vacation at Oak Island Beach, which I refer to as the Big Stone Gap of the North Carolina Coast. It seems to be a beach town with miles of houses. Here we were three generations under one roof. Next door was a house with four generations. I marveled at all the families who walked and played at the beach.
Home, now in the mountains where I wondered about life the early morning I came into the studio. I am kinda clumsy. A sculpture fell on my toe and broke it. I iced it as I sat down to work. Later I cleaned out the hummingbird feeders. I made up a double batch of hummingbird food. I filled the new feeder and put the hummingbird food back into the refrigerator. Only, I misjudged the shelf and broke the hummingbird feeder pot top and out came the sugar water all over the kitchen floor. It was like the ocean wave spilling on the shore. Cleaning it up before the ants arrived. Do you have those small black ants that seem to know when you spill or leave something sweet on the counter?
The same day, I bought an apricot tart from a baker at the Farmer's Market. At dinner, Maggie says, Granny you have an ant on you.
Well, I thought nothing of it. Then, I realized the ants had found the tart as I saw the stream feeding into the tart.
All in all, there are hummingbirds, butterflies, blue skies, faery tale clouds, and vine ripened tomatoes right outside my door. The toe is black and blue. The Indian meal moths have descended. They do not like vinegar and water but breed like crazy.
Here's how I make the hummingbird food
One cup of sugar
Four cups of water
Put these into a pan.
Bring to a rolling boil.
Turn off the stove.
Let it cool.
I double the receipe. You now understand my sticky floor.
Put the left overs into the fridge. It keeps for about a month.
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