Thursday, August 18, 2011

Raw Art Journaling

My life has taken me down many paths. I tend to dance and try a variety of experiences.
This has lead me to discover art swaps, art classes, and art groups from yahoo. An artist posted in one of the groups that she had written a book. I was intrigued. I ordered the book, Raw Art Journaling. It is an amazing book.
Quinn McDonald sent this slip to create. find that so many things take me away from the studio or creating in the studio. The computer, the laundry, the garden, the church, and well, you understand where I am going with this.
It made me wonder how often we do not give ourselves permission to seek the joy in our life. The everyday wonders, the voice of a friend over the phone, or taking time to just be still.

Early in the book, I came face to face with my gremlin, the voice inside that has all the negative thoughts. Drew a picture of the gremlin as a sharp pin. Or the ANTS, the automated negative thoughts that can dance around keeping one from being who you really are.

Getting ready to publish this post and make a pair of earrings to be delivered this afternoon.

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