Friday, September 9, 2011

Coming Home after English Adventures

It has been raining for so long that I suggested to Ray that we start building a boat like Noah.
We spent two weeks traveling around and about England and Wales. I have promised myself that I would share this adventure with you as soon as I figure out the new camera.
We arrived home on the evening of Labor Day driving from Charlotte in the rain. It has rained every day since. Did I mention the temperatures dropped as well. It was as if we left England with less rain and similar temperatures to come home to the same weather. Well, England had more sun!
We left Charlotte on KLM for Detroit for a long overnight flight where the time changed. Somehow, I left the camera on a seat or it fell out of my travel bag. The handheld great point and shot camera did not make it to Bristol, England. The flight was really nice, there was an empty seat between me and the person on the outside. Lots of food to eat and wine and beer were all complimentary. Then we landed in Amsterdam where it was not quite 6:00 and waited for Starbucks to open. Then we stood in line and got out bags and passports checked. Back on KLM from Amsterdam to Bristol with a short about an hour flight with a breakfast and hot tea.
Adventures began when we went to get the rental car. Will continue with this story. Bought a new camera the next day in Wells, Somerset County, England.
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