Tuesday, September 13, 2011

English Adventure 1

A field of sheep grazing in a meadow right below the manor house where we first rested our travel weary bodies.
How do we possibly arrive at this destination? We wanted to travel to England, not the United Kingdom. And actually just the southwest of England. We have chosen to live in a rural area and wanted to visit the Somerset countryside. Well, we certainly found that to be true the first day.
We arrived at the Bristol airport, small enough to get around very easily. I discovered I had left the camera behind somewhere. My son is concerned that someone will be looking at our beach pictures. Needless to say, I felt somewhat naked without a camera.
We went to Avis to get our rental car. We upgraded to a medium automatic car and got all the insurance two Americans could get. Ray was the designated driver. I was the navigator with the help of the Garmin with a UK chip.
We kept reminding each other to drive on the left side of the road. We also kept getting into the wrong side of the car the first few days. The Garmin with her British accent took us on her merry way.
She just enjoyed navigating upon village roads. These are roads that are about the size of a horse and carriage to travel upon. Hedge rows hundreds of years old quite high cover both sides of the road. This is a road where you meet another car coming your way.
We got lost in a hedgerow. A very kind woman in a land rover following her daughter who was riding a horse said she would take us to the manor house. Here we are first morning little sleep for Ray and I had no sleep following a young woman on a horse with her mother driving a car and us following. She stops the car and points to the manor house.
We arrive to find a kind, gentle woman and a pot of tea with biscuits to welcome us to Greenham, England.
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  1. I am enjoying your travel adventure.... lovely place to stay and sounds so enjoyable...other than lack of sleep/rest.

  2. Greenham Hall was a wonderful place to begin an English adventure. More to come