Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greenham Hall

While searching on the internet, I found a very interesting website for Somerset County.
I had looked at National Trust properties, Holiday cottages, and searched until I was tired of looking. Then, Greenham Hall appeared.
The website is
Seemed to be in the heart of Somerset, so I read more. Then I bravely, emailed to see if there was a vacancy. I received a very kind reply from Caro. Yes, there was a vacancy. Several more emails followed. She was always very caring and patient.
A few days before we left, I emailed her to let her know of our arrival. She emailed to say come straight from the airport. Drop your bags, have some tea, and rest of go visit gardens.
We arrived at Greenham Hall travel weary. She greeted us like friends. The Manor House is a wonderful, friendly home away from home. She served us a nice pot of tea with biscuits, cookies. She helped us with directions, recommended a local pub for lunch. And she let us use her phone to call James and Mary about visiting.
She helped us with our suitcases to our room. It was a comfortable room with a shower. There was an electric tea pot with cups, a variety of teas, and buiscuits. Deciding not to give into the strong urge to sleep, we left for lunch.
Off we drove to the village of Greenham rather than a long walk. Neither one of us were ready to walk through the village roads with the high hedges. We were able to order food specific to our dietary needs. I had vegetarian chili over rice. The servings were very big. The homemade bread was great.
Moore to come...

Photos of Greenham Hall from the gardens.

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