Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ashbrittle, Day Two English Adventure

We ventured after a day in Wells to see two small churches just down a few turns in the road from Greenham Hall. As twilight was beginning to settle, we came to Ashbrittle. The church itself was right off the road. I saw the first red English telephone in front of the community hall. I found that I was drawn to the doors of the buildings in England. This is the first of many pictures I took. Imagine a yew tree, over three thousand years old. Caro encouraged us to travel to see the yew tree. She also told us about the church itself.
We ventured inside and took several pictures as well. The first photo is of the door of the church. Once inside, there were flowers everywhere. A dear member who was a gardener had died. In her honor, there was an abundance of floral arrangements. You could feel the reverence upon entering the doors.
The yew tree was spectacular. I photographed the sign to remind myself of the history. The third photo is the yew tree. Imagine holding hands and asking seven of your friends to join you and maybe you might hold hands around the tree. The last photo is of the stone church.
We made our way down the road to the pub for an evening meal. There was a large poster of Jimmy Hendrix amid other things in the pub. We later discovered he had come to England and supposedly had died here. Wondered if he had eaten at the same pub in Greenham.
All sorts of marvels here and it is only the second day.

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