Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mount St. Michael Beach

We were sitting at breakfast drinking tea and eating toast, when the people eating next to us began asking questions about bus schedules. Conversation drifted around to what they were doing during the day. Then, the host talked about the tides. Ray and I had talked about what we would be doing this morning. We decided to go to Mount St. Michaels as it was early enough for us to walk to the Castle. Off we went after breakfast. We had been told to park in a lot that you gave donations, but we missed the turn. We parked in the beach lot.

This is the seaside view. The sand was reddish brown with shells and stones. There are small islands popping up everywhere.

We began the walk to the castle going over the stone road. I was intrigued with the stones along the edges covered in sea moss.

The point at the top of the photo is the Castle. As we walked the stone path, my mind roamed to faery tales. Imagine Dorothy and Toto walking upon a yellow brick road. We continued our morning walking. The sun was shinning. That, was in itself a wonderful feeling.
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  1. Beautiful views... I am reading your posts backwards! That's ok....enjoying all. LOL