Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Castle

We parked the car a little to the left on the sandy beach with someone showing us just where to leave the car. This is the path to the castle. The castle is the large building on top of the ridge.

We began the journey with a family with two red headed children, couples, and other families. Stone upon stone. This was on the grounds. I wondered if it was not used to tether a horse.

The ice cream is very rich, creamy, and supposedly very good. I am lactose intolerant and looked longingly at the flavors. Not sure about the banoffee or hokey pokey sounds pretty interesting.

We arrived just a bit early. The tide was not rising as yet. We had some tea and looked at the National Trust stores.

Beginning the climb to the castle. It was a very steep and stony climb to the very top.

The family actually lives in this section of the castle. It has five floors. The blue sky has changed to grey.

We entered the castle to see armour and a guide to show us the right direction. A few from the castle window as the clouds began to downpour. There are a few more picture of Mount St. Michael. When we descended from the castle, we took a very quick go round of part of the gardens in the rain
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  1. looks like the castle I rendered for my tag journey! I must have been there while "astral traveling!"