Sunday, September 18, 2011


It was the kind of day where the sun would shine. Clouds would come up so quickly, covering the sun, and bringing a blast of chilly wind. Rain followed.
We made our way to Cornwall stopping at Tintagel. We visited the National Trust Post Office before walking to Tintagel.
This breathtaking, mysterious place is supposedly where King Arthur was born. Merlin was called in the night to take Arthur away. The caves are where Merlin lived. The castle ruins could have been where King Arthur was born.
There is magic and mystery on every single path, stone, and wind bringing the sea to you. Ray walked to the tip of Tintagel while I watched the short movie staying out of the rain. The steps were steep, slippery over the narrow bridge.
We had soup, bread, and tea for lunch warming up our bodies.
Off we drove to Penzance, pondering the beauty of this country. The flags of Cornwall flying as Ray drove. Remembering almost without thinking which side of the road to drive upon. Taking the round abouts as the Garmin and I navigated.

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  1. All of wonderful. Love reading about your trip.... photos are excellent.