Friday, October 7, 2011

Glendurgan and Longhouse

Along the paths maintained by the National Trust, there was an orchid garden. They were growing all over this area. Beautiful abundance of flowers amid ferns and sloping hills.

Beyond the orchids, there was a gate. Once opened, you walked into a village. They were getting ready for boat races the next day. This is a child in her boat as she paddles beyond the shore.

I often would hold the camera at odd angles. This is the Cornwall flag flying proudly along the rocky shore. We walked back to the gate to continue enjoying the garden.

I was constantly in wonder of all the fall flowers. Here are lilies with palm trees.

The Garden has a shop where one can purchase plants and other things. The orange glass container above the picture of the maze is a wasp catcher. We brought one home. It works. You fill the bottom with sugar water, turn it upside down. Take it outside and hang it up. Ours quickly filled with hornets, thankfully, the honeybees are a little smarter.

The food at the National Trust gardens was always delicious. Here is a pot of tea with a pot of water, lemon, and milk. Apple cake with fruit is the attraction here. It was filled with spices and lots of fruit. Just the right thing for mid morning, before the drive to Moretonhampstead.

We arrived mid afternoon and could not find The Longhouse. We drove to a church and called the Murphys. Peter said he would be in front of the house. We turned around and there he was. We parked in the street with Peter helping us with luggage. Ray parked the car in the village parking area. The afternoon became an adventure as we no sooner settled into the room than we were off to visit the House of Marbles. Back through the tunnel, walking on the narrow sidewalk to the village parking. The roads were narrow. So many of the houses in this area have thatched roofs. In less than thirty minutes, we were parking the car at the House of Marbles.
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