Friday, October 7, 2011

Cornwall Hedgerow Roads and Glendurgan Gardens

We loaded the car and began another exciting journey. Our destination for the evening was the Dartmoors. Ray is getting in on the left side of the car. In a minute or so, I will be on the right with the Garmin in my lap.

The Garmin enjoyed the hedgerow back rows where the horses and carts used to travel. This is a two lane road. Cornwall supposedly has the most narrow of all roads in England.

If look closely, you can see my image taking the picture, wiggling the camera while Ray drives slowly.

We chose to visit the Glendurgan in Cornwall because of the maze garden. It is acres of interesting gardens. Here is Ray next to a tree, I think it is a Jordan something.

Silly me, here is the maze sideways. The cone shape is a shelter to rest before you find your way out. There are no directions. You simply begin and find your way around. It is not an easy thing to do. We just began the maze. Finding out quickly all the dead ends and beginning over. Then, a couple about our age, passed us. After that, we were able to find our way out.

We walked the maze and made our way out. There were several children running, playing, and enjoying every single twist and turn. Their caregivers were sitting at the wooden tables enjoying the sunshine.
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