Thursday, October 6, 2011

English Adventures: Penzance

When you are away from home for two weeks, it is nice to be able to wash your clothes. This laundromat was right down the street from Cornerways Guest House where we were staying. We simply put our clothes in the suitcase with wheels and off we went. This was an adventure. I thought one machine for delicates and one for everything else. I took the first shift with a book. Ray came down.

By this time, the two women drying a comforter had left. A man came in with creative tattoos on and filled up his machine. He rolled a cigarette, then went outside. A few minutes later a group of young men came in with their laundry. The men all chatted. Ray continued to feed coins into the machines.

I walked back to Cornerways. The sunset seemed to make the sky glow in the softest creamy colors.

After the clothes were dried, we walked to find a place to eat. A pub had been recommended,but it was crowded. We could not be seated, so off we walked.

A small very elegant restaurant, Fish Eye was open. We sat at a table covered with linen and flowers on the table. We had tapas and crab linguine. The meal was delicious. The desserts looked incredible. When you visit Penzance, Fish Eye is a wonderful place to eat.

Ray at the front door of Cornerways Guest House. It was built over 175 years ago. Our room was up over the awning. The stairs were small. The room was very nice with tea and biscuits. Breakfast was the traditional English breakfast. Ray had eggs, cereal, and toast with tea and juice. I had cereal with fruit, toast, tomatoes and mushrooms. The tea was brought to the table in a pot.

Andrea and John Leggatt are the owners of Cornerways. Andrea was very helpful in providing us with information about things to do and places to see in and around Penzance. Here I am with the Palm trees and flowers at the Guest House front gate.
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