Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holiday Glass Pieces

About a week or so, I was in the studio creating holiday pieces for a call for Holiday Art from Heartwood. I started playing around with the colors red and green. Then, I thought, why not try some pine trees with stars. These glass pieces are actually LARGER than they really are.

I started by cutting out tiny triangles of green adventurine embedded glass to use for the trees. The trunks were cut out of tiny strips of brown and dichroic glass. The stars are copper foil. I found the trees swelled in the firing.

These two pieces took forever to make. Then they were placed too close together and blended into one piece. I will cut them apart and refire the bottom piece. The top one looks like a hurricane came through.

The earrings turned out alight. The piece to the left is another example of glass being too close together. I am learning about this almost new camera we bought in Wells, Somerset, England. The other one is somewhere in the KLM universe.
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