Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kim St. James Cold Connections at William Holland

William Holland is located in the mountains of Georgia. Kim St. James has been teaching there for several years. I heard about her when I took fused glass classes there. I did a little research and knew I wanted to take a class with her. I was on a waiting list. Literally, two days before the class, I got a call. Someone had dropped out and if I called quickly I could have a space. I did and rather than a week long class in sterling silver, I was in the studio every minute I could be creating cold connections. I enjoyed using the torch to make rivets and pine cones. She was a wonderful teacher. She encouraged us, gave us freedom to create, and was patient when I asked how to make a bail. I also did lots of homework.

After we used the torch several times, the copper is soft enough to open. At this point, she made a leaf. We all created our own unique leaves.

Kim is using a fire brick to hold the copper while she uses the torch.

A closer look at how fire changes the organic copper form.

The copper after the torch, before it went into the cold water.

After the copper has been cooled, she begins to open the copper.

This is a knife she is using

And half of the shape is opened.
For more exciting creations, Kim has published one book
Mixed Metal Mania and a second is on its way.
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