Saturday, October 8, 2011

House of Marbles and Devon Craft Guild

The House of Marbles is a marble museum. This was built recently and there are several of these in the museum area. Amazing to watch the marbles move through the metal sculpture.

Outside of the House of Marbles, stands a marble collector and glass artist enjoying a beautiful day.

Intrigued with the art everywhere and the trash container...

Out we drove onto the Crafts Guild

There are handmade cloth banners flying everywhere around the building and near the Guild. The Guild had a very nice exhibit and the artists in the Guild were exceptional. We arrived shortly before closing. Glass, paper, fiber, fabrics, pottery, sculpture, and all just amazing. If you enjoy art and crafts, this is definitely a place to visit on your trip to England.

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  1. Carol, I really enjoyed these photos. The first one looks very musical to me... love the murals, and how was the marble mural done with brick? I am curious.

  2. Pretty amazing place.Not sure how they were painted.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi guys,

    I just saw this, I was the Artist Painting the murals ! The base of the actual mural is concrete, and I then measured the brick sizes against the real brick and drew the ends in perspective.

    Feel free to contact me via the facebook page below or on if you have any other questions.

    My name is Sarah, and more pics and info can be found on!/SarahLucyBakerVisualArt

    I like the blog post, I've spent a lot of time at the craft guild as well- its a lovely area isn't it?!

    Oh, and do you mind if I pop a link to your blog on my fackbook artist page ! Thanks