Thursday, October 13, 2011


Car parked in the Moretonhampstead car park. We are walking to the LongHouse Bed and Breakfast. Behind Ray is one of the many homes with thatched roofs. In the car was was a penny and a psychic fayre poster. On the poster it read clairvoyants, mediums, numerology, psychics, aura photography, therapist, trade stands and maybe more!!! Admission fee and demonstrations, subject to the venue/location being suitable over 16 years only, please check with the reader or therapist to ensure you are suitable to receive the reading or therapy. check direct with the reader or therapist as to their charges. Events may change without prior notice, these events are for entertainment purposes.

One of the shops we passed, this one was filled with every sort of interesting object. It was closed or I would let you know how interesting it was.

Getting closer, thought you might like to see just how close things are here in Moretonhampston.

Side of the Longhouse Bed and Breakfast. It is a 15th century longhouse with a garden.

We have arrived. For more information about LongHouse, contact Lorely and Peter Murphy at
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