Monday, November 28, 2011


It started very simply with a flier I found in Salisbury. A picture of a flower fairy by Cicley Barker was advertising the Enchanted Garden:Flower Fairies and Dark Tales. At Mottisfont there were 30 original Cicley Barker watercolor paintings along with contemporary art works that explored the darker side of the world of fairy. We left Stonehenge and made our way to Mottisfont.
It is an enchanting 18th century home. In the 1030's according to the flier, Maud Russell made Mottisfont into a weekend retreat for her artistic friends. Now, it has an art gallery.

This tree is covered in memory ribbons. It is number 6 oon the Mottifont Enigma to help save the history and nature of Mottisfont and its Faery denizens from the Memory Eaters. You place a ribbon upon the tree remembering faery, friend, or family.

As we watched the children around the tree, I thought what a wonderful idea to bring home. Tie ribbons on trees to remember those you love.

I took many photos along the Code Breaker Trails. The stream is older than an thousand years. Before the present home was built, Mottisfont was a priory and then a Tudor home. Just imagine the faeries playing in this stream!

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