Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We were staying at the Farm House B&B in Salisbury. After a very nice breakfast with local berry preserves on toast, we began the drive to Stonehenge. We maneuvered the roundabout. Signs for Stonehenge were easily found.

It was an overcast day when the sun would shine and they become hidden by clouds. We stood in line to get our headphones which had information about Stonehenge. Why are the stones here? No one really knows. I asked the tour guides standing in the roped area, how many people came to Stonehenge.

Her reply was 8.000 - 9,000 people a day except Summer Solstice when there can be as many as 20,000 people. She added you came on a good day, you can see the ground.

Around us were people from what seemed like every country in the world. Languages were like a song with all sorts of rhythms. Everyone was respectful of space and place.

This stone was outside the circle.The area around Stonehenge has several standing stones similar to this one.

Coming round the circle as the clouds began to billow.

This photo was taken by a couple from Germany who were staying at the same B&B. It was the photo we used for our gallery show that was just taken down called Moore and Moore.

An amazing, spiritual place. Stones standing older than our nation, older than a lot of things.

This was a poster as we left the area. The poster is as Stonehenge was before stones were removed.

A nest of baby birds was in the corner as we left Stonehenge for our next adventure to see the faery pictures of Ceciley Barker.
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