Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My first glass plate

I am so excited about my very first fused glass plated. It is made with Bullseye glass. The waves are from the clear glass.
It began with cutting marble glass. The blue marble glass is on the bottom. I cut two pieces of clear glass, then used a blue piece in the middle to make a sandwich. The first fusing was to fuse the glass pieces together. The second fusing, the sandwiched glass was placed upon a mold. The glass slumps into the mold to form the shape of the mold.
Right now, the kiln is humming along with two plates being slumped. 'Tis the Christmas season
And, I wanted to share something else with you. Quinn McDonald, the author of Raw Art Journaling has created a new collaboration.
It is writing and walking. Deep writing for 15 minutes each day and meditative walking for thirty minutes.
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  1. Awesome! The blue looks Caribbean to me.
    I hope you have a wondrous Holiday!

  2. Thank you for your comment. The next plates turned out really well. One is cooling in the kiln right now.