Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dichroic Valentines

With each day, I am learning something new. Some days a lot more than others, life, I guess. The piece above was the prettiest red dichroic glass. The heart in the middle is copper. The heat of the kiln changed the color to blue. The camera and the shimmer of the glass and my understanding of photography give you the hazy piece of glass.

This glass was orange streaked with a red dichroic layer on the bottom. The hearts are out of copper. They actually look almost violet.
Depending upon light, through the camera lense, I could see or not see the hearts.

These were taken outside on the deck railings. Grey, overcast, wind a blowing, winter day here in the mountains. Thinking I will turn these into a pendant and earrings. The two four inch square plates with hearts are in the kiln. They are just a bit different. Once they are out of the kiln, I'll share photos with you.
With Valentine's Day coming soon, I am having a few Creating Valentines workshops in the studio. Lots of materials to play with...
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