Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jewels in the Mountains

When the sunshine radiates on the fused glass pendant, it sparkles and turns a wonderful color blue. The same intense blue of a sky when the sun shines. I have been using my fused glass pendants as the focal point for gemstone necklaces. This necklace has obsidian and lapis gemstones.

The fog has been hiding the sun for so many days, I began to wonder. This morning the sky began to turn pink. The fog was heavy below the mountains.

A little bit more blue of the daybreak with wisps of pink, magenta, orange cloud right in front of the studio windows. I was downloading photos and kept thinking, this color fades so quickly, will the photos come down. Yes, and I took the camera and went outside to capture the softness and beauty of the day breaking.

Just a few minutes later, the fog begins to rise. You might notice the squirrel's nest in the tree to the right. We get a few visitors from the tree. Thought I would share just a few moments of the day breaking in the misty magical mountains.
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  1. What a lovely morning. Your glass and gemstone necklace is beautiful I like the grounded black of the obsidian with the freshness of the sparkly greens in the glass. Very Nice indeed!

  2. Thank you Becky. As the light hits the glass, the sparkles change colors.