Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creating Time with Marney K. Maridakis

Marney K. Maridakis is an amazing creative woman. Ten years ago,she created is fun to spend time in Artella land. Several years ago, I found my way to Artella and began participating in Artist Trading Card swaps. Maybe seven or eight years ago... Marney hosted a retreat in Connecticut with SARK and Jill Badonsky.  I have since wondered if you were to just do a follow up of all of us who were there, what happened creatively with us?
In December, Marney created a new group: Mapping and Mentoring. I thought a great deal about this as I have been very fascinated with her work as a creative businesswoman who believes in self discovery through art.. I couldn't think of a better mentor than Marney to help me with my business. I filled out the application, had an interview, and became one of the first 18 people to be in MAPP.  Since January, I have rethought or reconfigured my perceptions about Time with the leadership of Marney.
On April 17, Marney's new book became number one on the Amazon best selling book list. It is not often in our time, that a book written with sensitivity, awareness, lots of art, and interesting information will actually create a shift in how you perceive time.
When I thought about sharing this with you, I thought about how to pose the book. Among geraniums, baby's breath, green growth, and the mountains seemed like a nice way to begin the morning.
And the female hummingbird was sitting on the rebar wire holding the finch feeders. One side was the hummingbird and the other side sat a male brilliant goldfinch, each one content.

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