Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wild Roses and Blackberry Blossoms

The smell of the wild roses catches on the wind all around the yard. On the edges of the property in the woods the roses are rambling. And, if they aren't rambling around, the blackberries seem to be stretching out.
While planting ferns last week, I got into some poison ivy. It's not hard in this yard.  It was right below the wrists of my gardening gloves.
Early this morning, I was drinking some herbal tea when I saw a chipping sparrow right outside the window. He was singing so sweetly, I just watched him. His throat would go up and down and his little body seemed to move as he sang. A few inches away a blue jay watched the sparrow. Too close for the sparrow who flew away followed quickly by the blue jay flying off the deck.
I went to watch the birds on the feeder only to find a squirrel hanging upside down eating suet. Tapping on the window, the squirrel ran off the deck. Almost flying the two levels to make it to the ground.

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