Monday, May 14, 2012

Peas And Tomatoes

 In between the rain showers, I walked around the yard today. We have a small raised bed vegetable garden. In it, the peas were blooming.  There are two  sugar snap pea pods growing on the vine. The spinach is about ready to pick. The orange peppers and tomatoes are still pretty tiny. I planted marigolds and nasturiums around the edge of the garden. Between the tomatoes, I planted basil.
 In this faery garden are all sorts of flowers. There is also a lot of mint growing down the mountainside. The pole is used for the trailing hydrangea and flowering plants. Thinking I might plant a few scarlet runner beans here.
                                      The foxgloves are blooming. They seem to enjoy the rain.
 One of the herb gardens in the yard. The fluffy plant that is taking over the herb bed is fennel. The tall plant is tarragon. Plants in this garden are sage, rosemary, purple basil, mint, St. John's Wart, dill, cilantro, and flowers.
 While at the Farmer's Market in Norton last week, I bought a hanging basket filled with cherry tomatoes. The basket was so full of yellow flowers, I had to look twice to see the tiny green tomatoes.
In less than a week, flowers are fading and green fruits are growing. It is only May 14 and we will have our first home grown tomatoes before July! We have some great tomatoes growing in the compost, but they don't have any flowers as yet. What you do not see is the ruby throated hummingbird who was right around my head annoyed that I was in the way of his getting to the feeder.
A few other critters were in the yard as I made my walk around. The chipmunk has been awfully busy at the bird feeder. We actually have a live trap for the critter and take them to the top of the mountain to release them. They can tear up your yard and like to eat flower bulbs. A small little snake slithered into a flower bed. It surprised me at how fast it moved.
Spring time in the mountains, never know what you will find.

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