Friday, May 18, 2012

View from the Studio on a Rainy Day

 The rain is just pouring down this afternoon. I opened the door to take this photo to share with you all. Wiping the camera lense dry, I had a creative thought.
 Here is the view above the computer where I do most of my writing. The little critter is a wombat. The stained glass piece of the M was created by my husband around 1976. There are a lot of special things on the shelf including a little dragon with wings that says Love you. The bird I found in a wonderful shop in Florida in March. She says..and she decided to sing her own special tune. And the rain keeps coming down, the sky is a wonderful blue with white fluffy clouds.
 A new piece I finished on Wednesday. Well, I need to add the crimp bead covers. It is fused glass with mica from Peru in the fused glass. It has green aventurine on either side and then lots of tiny tourmaline beads ending in flourite nuggets.
At first, I thought don't post this piece, but then everything in life does not come out like you want it to. This is the top of the glass case in the studio. The two pendants got caught in the brightness of the flash. On the next layer is a blue round plate. The next layer has other square plates and at the bottom of the case is a mold. Maybe, this is layering of glass in a different way.

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