Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flowers in the Gardens

 My grandmother called these snowball bushes. She had one of the most beautiful gardens I can ever remember exploring. She outlined all her flower beds with rocks and stones she collected from trips with my grandfather. I spent hours waiting for faeries to arrive at twilight in her garden. Why? My grandfather told faery stories always mentioning twilight. I got into trouble climbing on top of our house when I was little. I did not go alone, my little sister was right up there with me. We were waiting for Peter Pan to take us to faeryland.
 Angel's trumpet is such a large magnificent white flower. I held up her head as she is somewhat like the day lilies not open for very long.
 It is so very hot outside. The grass shows the intensity of the sun. The lavender are especially bountiful this year. This plant has already been picked once. New flowers are forming already. Going to be a lavender summer!
 I just had to share this with you! My very first ever butterfly plant that is blooming. I am so excited about this. I bought the plant last year at the Asheville, North Carolina farmer's market. It does attract butterflies and other flying critters. Growing up, I remember seeing these plants along side the Mississippi roads leading to the farm. They are a butterfly magnet.
 Sharing a view of the yard from the lower deck of the house. These hostas were given to me last year. We planted them at the base of the deck. This cuts down on the yard mowing of such a steep yard. I interplanted creeping thyme among the hostas. The bush is a butterfly bush and there is one on the other side. There are several in the front yard. Blossoms are set but not yet blooming.
 Here is a view of the  edge of the yard. Those trees are really tall. When the wind comes whippety tucking through the mountain valley, they sway to and fro. You have to see it to believe it!
Nasturtiums and peas in the raised garden bed. We have been eating a nasturtium flower with our salad lately. The fresh picked peas still have a bit of sunshine on them as they come to the table. It is so beautiful here in the mountains this time of year. Tomorrow is the first Farmer's Market in Big Stone Gap. Tuesday will be the first official Farmer's Market in Norton. I will be there from 4 - 7 selling jewelry, paper, and bunches of lavender!

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