Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What can happen in a day

The sunflower seeds left from the chipmunks have been removed from the planter. Still finding sunflower seeds all over the yard. We will have sunflowers in unexpected places in awhile.
 On Mother's Day thirty years ago when Ellenor was born, I was gifted with a ficus. It is very much thriving after all these years. The tree comes inside in the studio during the fall and winter months. It has grown quite a bit over the years. Amazing that through the early years when the cat found it a nice place to rest among other things, the tree continued to grow. Birds enjoy sitting in the branches.
  A photo of the first tomato of the season to be eaten this evening along with fresh peas and spinach.
While looking down after taking the photo of the tomato, a blue jay caught my eye as he landed on the ground. There next to the blue jay was a rabbit munching away on the clover. I was reaching over the deck to take the photo to share with you.  Wonder what I will find tomorrow here in the mountains?

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