Friday, May 25, 2012

Lavender and Red Bird

 The weather has been going from 60 in the morning to almost 90 in the afternoon. I put on sunscreen, a hat, and took a basket out to pick the lavender. All the plants are just loaded with flowers this year. I cut about half and left the rest due to the heat.
 I had the camera in hand when I saw the baby downy woodpecker on the deck. I hid around the corner and thought I could capture a photo. Right when the camera clicked a cardinal flew down. The baby and the parent downy woodpeckers are right next to the suet feeder. The white pole holds the feeders for the goldfinches.
What to do with lavender? I make bunches of the flowers and hang them upside down to dry. I will make sleep pillows out of these lovely bunches. The photo is taken in the studio with a piece of fused glass on top of a piece of watercolor paper that has at least six layers of paint on it.
Right now the kiln is fusing a rather large slumped glass piece made from rainbow dichroic glass and confetti glass. Each day in the mountains is a wonder.

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