Thursday, June 7, 2012

Before daylilies open

 The moon glow pulled me awake this morning. I watched the moon shadows across the worn red wooden floor of the kitchen. After making blueberry muffins with fresh berries from the farmer's market, I cut a pineapple. All the fragrances and the compost material drew me into the garden. The sun had come up. The sky was clean blue. Not even a single cloud adorns the mountain sky this morning.
 I noticed the day lilies were just beginning to open. One year for an art swap, I took photos of the lilies about every thirty minutes. These lilies will be fully opened by the time this blog is written. At the close of the day, they will have drooped their weary heads. They are in most of the gardens around the house. Several folks living in the valley grown day lilies. The ones in the first photo are from the garden at the Southwest Virginia Museum here in Big Stone Gap from the annual plant sale.
 St. Francis, a favorite Saint of our family, aged from years in the gardens watches over the raised garden bed. This year we have tomatoes, basil, nasturtiums, peppers, marigolds, and lots of peas.
If you look closely,  you just might be able to find a bee among the lavender. I planted five new plants around a Miss Kim lilac last week. The green house in town is closing for the season and has all their plants marked for clearance. I went on Monday for more lavender to border the other Miss Kim lilac. I also got some creeping thyme to fill in the downhill herb bed. By now the butterflies are around the lavender plants, reminding me today is the day to make paper.

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