Thursday, June 21, 2012

Butterflies in Flight Fused Glass Plate

 Things have been selling quite well in the shop lately. I thought, make another large plate. I had a large sheet of a rainbow glass that ranges from blue to purple. After measuring and cutting and then recutting, I placed the cut out copper butterflies across the rainbow glass. I then cut some clear glass to fuse the platter. There were no large clear sheets in my glass cupboard. I actually have a cupboard for glass. I used two pieces and thought, well nothing ventured, nothing gained.
 I learned about seams in glass. I decided to go ahead and slump the glass. This is the back of the glass. Isn't it a pretty color purple.
Same plate, just a bit of the Ott  light from a different direction and the flash from the camera. creating a halo of light. Artisans of the Gap will be open quite late this Saturday to celebrate the Seth Bailey car show.
Located at 419 Wood Avenue in Big Stone Gap.

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