Monday, June 25, 2012

When you Travel, Make a List

         Last week, we traveled to visit our grandson. We were gone just a few days. I made a list before we left. Everything organized.  However, when we left, I assumed everything was packed in the car.
The chairs from IKEA, the suitcase, the art supplies, the books, and Pepperidge Farm bread were all packed. 
We were on a crunching time schedule having to get back to the mountains for the annual visit of the Bishop.
I reached into the back of the seat for my red purse. It was not there. A call to my son revealed, it was still at his house. Taking a deep breath, I simply realized, even if you are in a hurry, always, check your list.
The red purse is for traveling and holds my camera, cell phone cord, and other things.
There are no photos today. The sky in the mountains is a baby blue. The trees are so lush green they seem to  reach out to touch the sky. The hydrangea bushes are filled with blue snowball flowers. Butterflies are everywhere as all the butterfly bushes are in full bloom.
Even without the camera to share the photos, life in the mountains is like a national geographic special.

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  1. You've described all so well, I see the picture you made with words in my mind's eye. : )