Saturday, June 30, 2012

Butterflies in Glass and Fluttering

These are some new pieces I have taken out of the kiln and the blanket. After they come out of the kiln, I put them into a cotton blanket made of heavy cotton fibers to bring them to room temperature. They have been washed as well with a rinse of water to clean off the shelf paper.
 I took them outside to take the photographs. Can you see the shadow of the butterfly bush and the flowers on top of the copper butterfly. The sun shadows just seem to take to the edges of this piece.
 Both of these butterflies are made from copper. Both of the butterflies are laying on top of the same piece of dichroic glass only the glass is turned different ways. The top piece has a glass top of clear with a black stringer embedded into the glass. The bottom piece has a blue glass top fused to the dichroic glass.
The black swallowtail butterfly was fluttering its wings so fast as it was feeding on the butterfly bush. The gardens are filled with butterflies. I filled a bird bath with glass pebbles and then put water into it for the butterflies and insects to be able to sip water in this hot and humid summer weather.

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