Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fort Collins, Colorado after the Fire

 We have been visiting family in Fort Collins, Colorado. The fires were pretty much out when we arrived. Last Monday, Sam took us to see some of the damage from the fires. The mountain in the picture seems  charred. We could smell the ash from the fire.
 These trees are on the edge of the road. The blue of the sky seems so brilliant next to the stark reality of the devastation from the fire.

 Maggie being the young scientist wanted to know what the damage to the tree had been. She took a stick when she saw the sap running from the tree. It was dreadful to see all the damage. I am not sure the exact number of families who lost their homes, but it was almost 200. There were hand painted signs thanking the firefighters throughout the area.
Aspen trees turned black by the flames. The ground is ash. A day or so later, four inches of torrential rain came. The streams turned a different color from the run off of the ash.

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