Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall in the Air

The mums are blooming all over the yard. We planted these the very first year we moved to the Valley. They are by far the bushiest and most healthy. 

 I have been creating quite a bit lately with gemstone nuggets. I took off my necklace just to see how it would   look against the gravels. The dragonfly was from an artist friend, Gena from France. The necklace is made of  moonstone and amythest stones. The moonstone seems to glow against the grey of the gravel.
 This was the only butterfly that I could have reached out and touched. Did not seem to be in the least bothered with me and the camera.
 Japanese anomoe cascading in near the door of the studio. Those are bits of leaves laying in front of the door. Lots more of those to come as the days began to get cooler.
The swallowtail butterflies enjoy the butterfly bushes in front of the house. The house in the photo is the house across the road.  The trees are just as tall as the ones in our yard and lots of them as well. This is a very quiet  mountain country road that dead ends just a bit beyond our house.

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