Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rainbow Hued Blue Fused Glass Bird Plate

 Saturday, I listened to a baker of very good bread at our local Farmer's Market. He talked to me about the beauty of glass, especially blue glass. Blue is his favorite color he told me. We had been talking about the red and white glass plate I made with the copper birds at the time. The conversation and the look on his face provided me with creative inspiration.
 I had some Bullseye Rainbow Hued glass in the studio. I very carefully made a template of the mold. I carefully cut out the blue glass and the clear glass using the template. I used copper foil for the birds. I got so excited about the plate I emailed him.
Don't you just marvel at how light plays off of the glass? All the photos were taken outside in the same space in the yard. The first photo is on a white sheet of paper. The second photo, I held the plate off the paper cropping my hands out of the photo. The third, I placed the plate in the grass. I also used one of the special effects of Picassa so that the photo glowed a bit around the edges. What do you think of the new plate?


  1. This is my favourite (so far) of your glass plate creations, dearest Carol. I love the birds against the rainbow-hue blue!!!

  2. Thank you! The plate has a home with the baker. It was so much fun to see him hold the plate in the sun and turn it different ways to capture the rainbow.