Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fused Glass and Jasper

Last week when the autumn winds blew through wild enough to drop the temperatures to 39, I created this necklace while at Artisans of the Gap. This is the gallery/shop that I co-own with two other artists, Fiona Zahnke and Valerie Dowdy.
I was rearranging a few pieces of jewelry at the shop, when I began to rework some jewelry. I added fused glass to a hammered brass earring and added gold leaf charms. I used the cording from the fused glass focal point of this necklace. The red jasper I have had knowing that the muse would come and the red jasper beads would find a home. They are graduated in size with smoked red jasper between them. The rhodonite triangle beads seemed to create a modern wave to the piece. I continued to use picture and smoked jasper beads to finish the autumn necklace. I added a hammered sterling silver S clasp to the necklace. The earrings are smoked jasper with a jasper star at the end before the silver twirl. Twirling is something leaves do rather well in the autumn.

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