Thursday, September 27, 2012

Delphi EZ Pro Kiln and Fusing Glass

I am working on a new project with an incredible artist from London, England. With skype, we are able to chat about the project. I am hopeful that it will be up and running before Thanksgiving, if not sooner. Enough about surprises, I thought it was time to share with you how I fuse glass. I cut the Bullseye blue aventurine glass. Then, I add copper foil cut outs of birds and stars. I  use a toothpick to place the stars onto the glass. I check each star to make sure the points are unfurled. I cut out a piece of shelf paper for each piece I place on the kiln shelf. The shelf is the big circle inside the kiln.
 Here is the kiln with the lid closed sitting on the floor of the studio. There is nothing within 12 inches of the kiln so that air can circulate.
I took a great time of time before I ordered a kiln. I decided to order one from Delphi because of the customer service. I can call and talk to someone if there is ever a problem. I had a few in the beginning and they were very understanding. When a mold broke on the very first firing with ample kiln wash on it. They replaced it immediately. The kiln is very easy to program and comes with a CD. It is now programmed to fuse the glass. After pushing start, the kiln is on and begins fusing. I do not open the kiln until the temperature is under 100 degrees.


  1. This is so clever, Carol - I love seeing inside your art studio as you create your magic! I can see those beautiful glass rectangles making the most beautiful jewellery, too!!!

    1. Never knowing what will happen, the large plate is now slumping on a plate mold. A few pieces needed more shelf paper and broke into tiny pieces but came off the kiln shelf. NEver know how far a piece of glass will spread.