Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall in the Mountains

 I am home after a wonderful week of enameling at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, Georgia. The weather seems to have made a shift. The yard is filled with leaves from the tulip poplar trees all brown crinkely.
 Even though it has been raining with heavy mist all day, I ventured outside. I found this pumpkin filled with mums at Lowes for half of half price on Saturday. It sits next to the driveway to entertain as you walk into the house.
 These three mushrooms were part of a faery ring just in front of the zinnias. I did not notice them until I had stepped on several. With a foot as big as mine, the result was smashing several mushrooms.
 Really, this zinnia looks this vibrant. I did not enhance this photograph, I really did not. It is vivid RED.
 The daises have seemed to grown in abundance. They will bloom even in a frost. Good thing as it was in the thirties last night.
Today, the mists hang heavy. The trees although dark are yellow with a snippet of orange a bit here in there in our mountain yard.

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