Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

 Have you ever created a blog post and by mistake, hit the delete button? This just happened to me. Oh well, a  Eleanor Roosevelt quote is right next to the computer to remind me to persevere.
I decided to spend a little time outside weeding this afternoon. The sky was overcast and the wind was blowing making the weather very pleasant, until it began to spit rain. The moth was on the door of the shed where garden tools are kept. It stayed there while I came in and out. I suspect, the moth is still on the door of the shed waiting for the sun to go down.
 These purple clusters of flowers are over six feet tall. The plant branches out profusely creating more and more flowers. It grows next to the art house where the metal plant stake bunnies hop.
 These rocky mountain tickweeds are really this bright yellow. When the flowers die, they generate about a thousand seeds per flower. This is the result after weeding throughout the spring and summer. But if you want to transplant them to a certain area, they have a mind of their own. Let the wind carry them. They grown wild along the mountain roads.
 Last year, I happened to frequent the garden center at Lowes when these turtle flowers were clearanced. They spread nicely and bloom in the fall. The ferns are some I dug from the woods in the early spring. The flowers grow under a sassafras tree which gives us many baby trees throughout the yard.
Right behind the flower bed is the woods. I rarely venture into this bramble woodsy area. If I do go there, I wear knee high boots and carry a big stick. These woods are actually a vacant lot which has always been vacant. Trees fall down and simply become soil. A bear came through the woods this winter. Deer come through frequently. I have learned what I can and cannot grow in the backyard because of the deer.

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