Friday, August 24, 2012

August in the Mountains

 Early morning photograph of the mountains from the upper deck. If you peep ever so carefully in the middle of the photo, you can see the mountains as lush and green as the trees.
 After finishing some photo pages for Ray, I took the camera outside to walk around the yard. Amazingly, this is a jasmine blooming. I found it on clearance last year. It wintered over in the house, where it bloomed off and on during the winter. Now it is blooming every day and the scent is heavenly.
 I took several packets of sunflowers into the yard awhile ago. This is the lone sunflower that is reaching up to the sun. The chipmunks while eating sunflowers left several behind. They were about the size of a chipmunk and have already bloomed. The leaves of this flower are simply large hearts unfolding.
 A sculpture in the woods on the side yard was a incredible find at the Farmer's Market in Asheville last August. If you were to hit the bottom middle of the sculpture, it would sound like a gong.
 At the base of the steps is the foundation for the greenhouse, which is completely hidden by flowers and herbs. The sun coming though the butterfly bush reminded me of lace. The angel trumpet vine is tightly closed this morning. Tomorrow, she will have many lovely white blossoms.
 The first signs of the changing of the leaves is always a reminder that fall is coming in all her glory.
Wondering what kind of butterfly is resting on the butterfly bush...This is a volunteer butterfly bush. We  have  a few of these popping up in the yard. While the butterfly rests, I went into the studio to make washi tape for a swap going on at 14 Secrets a Yahoo art group. Inspiration found me. Washi tape is created and resting in a stamped envelope to take to the post office. When I send art mail, I tend to mark art mail fragile as I often include a little treat for the hostess of the art swap.

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